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Bootstrap Protokolla (BOOTP) [RFC951] kuvaa IP/UDP-käynnistysprotokollaa, jonka avulla levytön asiakaskone saa oman IP-osoiteen, palvelinisännän osoitteen ja josta tiedosto ladataan muistiin ja suoritetaan. Dynaamisen isännän konfikurointi protokolla (DHCP) [RFC2131] tarjoaa puitteet IP-isäntien automaattiseen konfigurointiin.

Tag Name Data Length Meaning Reference
0 Pad 0 None [RFC2132]
1 Subnet Mask 4 Subnet Mask Value [RFC2132]
2 Time Offset 4 Time Offset in Seconds from UTC (note: deprecated by 100 and 101) [RFC2132]
3 Router N N/4 Router addresses [RFC2132]
4 Time Server N N/4 Timeserver addresses [RFC2132]
5 Name Server N N/4 IEN-116 Server addresses [RFC2132]
6 Domain Server N N/4 DNS Server addresses [RFC2132]
7 Log Server N N/4 Logging Server addresses [RFC2132]
8 Quotes Server N N/4 Quotes Server addresses [RFC2132]
9 LPR Server N N/4 Printer Server addresses [RFC2132]
10 Impress Server N N/4 Impress Server addresses [RFC2132]
11 RLP Server N N/4 RLP Server addresses [RFC2132]
12 Hostname N Hostname string [RFC2132]
13 Boot File Size 2 Size of boot file in 512 byte chunks [RFC2132]
14 Merit Dump File N Client to dump and name the file to dump it to [RFC2132]
15 Domain Name N The DNS domain name of the client [RFC2132]
16 Swap Server N Swap Server address [RFC2132]
17 Root Path N Path name for root disk [RFC2132]
18 Extension File N Path name for more BOOTP info [RFC2132]
19 Forward On/Off 1 Enable/Disable IP Forwarding [RFC2132]
20 SrcRte On/Off 1 Enable/Disable Source Routing [RFC2132]
21 Policy Filter N Routing Policy Filters [RFC2132]
22 Max DG Assembly 2 Max Datagram Reassembly Size [RFC2132]
23 Default IP TTL 1 Default IP Time to Live [RFC2132]
24 MTU Timeout 4 Path MTU Aging Timeout [RFC2132]
25 MTU Plateau N Path MTU Plateau Table [RFC2132]
26 MTU Interface 2 Interface MTU Size [RFC2132]
27 MTU Subnet 1 All Subnets are Local [RFC2132]
28 Broadcast Address 4 Broadcast Address [RFC2132]
29 Mask Discovery 1 Perform Mask Discovery [RFC2132]
30 Mask Supplier 1 Provide Mask to Others [RFC2132]
31 Router Discovery 1 Perform Router Discovery [RFC2132]
32 Router Request 4 Router Solicitation Address [RFC2132]
33 Static Route N Static Routing Table [RFC2132]
34 Trailers 1 Trailer Encapsulation [RFC2132]
35 ARP Timeout 4 ARP Cache Timeout [RFC2132]
36 Ethernet 1 Ethernet Encapsulation [RFC2132]
37 Default TCP TTL 1 Default TCP Time to Live [RFC2132]
38 Keepalive Time 4 TCP Keepalive Interval [RFC2132]
39 Keepalive Data 1 TCP Keepalive Garbage [RFC2132]
40 NIS Domain N NIS Domain Name [RFC2132]
41 NIS Servers N NIS Server Addresses [RFC2132]
42 NTP Servers N NTP Server Addresses [RFC2132]
43 Vendor Specific N Vendor Specific Information [RFC2132]
44 NETBIOS Name Srv N NETBIOS Name Servers [RFC2132]
45 NETBIOS Dist Srv N NETBIOS Datagram Distribution [RFC2132]
46 NETBIOS Node Type 1 NETBIOS Node Type [RFC2132]
47 NETBIOS Scope N NETBIOS Scope [RFC2132]
48 X Window Font N X Window Font Server [RFC2132]
49 X Window Manager N X Window Display Manager [RFC2132]
50 Address Request 4 Requested IP Address [RFC2132]
51 Address Time 4 IP Address Lease Time [RFC2132]
52 Overload 1 Overload "sname" or "file" [RFC2132]
53 DHCP Msg Type 1 DHCP Message Type [RFC2132]
54 DHCP Server Id 4 DHCP Server Identification [RFC2132]
55 Parameter List N Parameter Request List [RFC2132]
56 DHCP Message N DHCP Error Message [RFC2132]
57 DHCP Max Msg Size 2 DHCP Maximum Message Size [RFC2132]
58 Renewal Time 4 DHCP Renewal (T1) Time [RFC2132]
59 Rebinding Time 4 DHCP Rebinding (T2) Time [RFC2132]
60 Class Id N Class Identifier [RFC2132]
61 Client Id N Client Identifier [RFC2132]
62 NetWare/IP Domain N NetWare/IP Domain Name [RFC2242]
63 NetWare/IP Option N NetWare/IP sub Options [RFC2242]
64 NIS-Domain-Name N NIS+ v3 Client Domain Name [RFC2132]
65 NIS-Server-Addr N NIS+ v3 Server Addresses [RFC2132]
66 Server-Name N TFTP Server Name [RFC2132]
67 Bootfile-Name N Boot File Name [RFC2132]
68 Home-Agent-Addrs N Home Agent Addresses [RFC2132]
69 SMTP-Server N Simple Mail Server Addresses [RFC2132]
70 POP3-Server N Post Office Server Addresses [RFC2132]
71 NNTP-Server N Network News Server Addresses [RFC2132]
72 WWW-Server N WWW Server Addresses [RFC2132]
73 Finger-Server N Finger Server Addresses [RFC2132]
74 IRC-Server N Chat Server Addresses [RFC2132]
75 StreetTalk-Server N StreetTalk Server Addresses [RFC2132]
76 STDA-Server N ST Directory Assist. Addresses [RFC2132]
77 User-Class N User Class Information [RFC3004]
78 Directory Agent N directory agent information [RFC2610]
79 Service Scope N service location agent scope [RFC2610]
80 Rapid Commit 0 Rapid Commit [RFC4039]
81 Client FQDN N Fully Qualified Domain Name [RFC4702]
82 Relay Agent Information N Relay Agent Information [RFC3046]
83 iSNS N Internet Storage Name Service [RFC4174]
84 REMOVED/Unassigned [RFC3679]
85 NDS Servers N Novell Directory Services [RFC2241]
86 NDS Tree Name N Novell Directory Services [RFC2241]
87 NDS Context N Novell Directory Services [RFC2241]
88 BCMCS Controller Domain Name list [RFC4280]
89 BCMCS Controller IPv4 address option [RFC4280]
90 Authentication N Authentication [RFC3118]
91 client-last-transaction-time option [RFC4388]
92 associated-ip option [RFC4388]
93 Client System N Client System Architecture [RFC4578]
94 Client NDI N Client Network Device Interface [RFC4578]
95 LDAP N Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [RFC3679]
96 REMOVED/Unassigned [RFC3679]
97 UUID/GUID N UUID/GUID-based Client Identifier [RFC4578]
98 User-Auth N Open Group's User Authentication [RFC2485]
100 PCode N IEEE 1003.1 TZ String [RFC4833]
101 TCode N Reference to the TZ Database [RFC4833]
102-107 REMOVED/Unassigned [RFC3679]
108 IPv6-Only Preferred 4 Number of seconds that DHCPv4 should be disabled [RFC8925]
109 OPTION_DHCP4O6_S46_SADDR 16 DHCPv4 over DHCPv6 Softwire Source Address Option [RFC8539]
110 REMOVED/Unassigned [RFC3679]
111 Unassigned [RFC3679]
112 Netinfo Address N NetInfo Parent Server Address [RFC3679]
113 Netinfo Tag N NetInfo Parent Server Tag [RFC3679]
114 DHCP Captive-Portal N DHCP Captive-Portal [RFC8910]
115 REMOVED/Unassigned [RFC3679]
116 Auto-Config N DHCP Auto-Configuration [RFC2563]
117 Name Service Search N Name Service Search [RFC2937]
118 Subnet Selection Option 4 Subnet Selection Option [RFC3011]
119 Domain Search N DNS domain search list [RFC3397]
120 SIP Servers DHCP Option N SIP Servers DHCP Option [RFC3361]
121 Classless Static Route Option N Classless Static Route Option [RFC3442]
122 CCC N CableLabs Client Configuration [RFC3495]
123 GeoConf Option 16 GeoConf Option [RFC6225]
124 V-I Vendor Class Vendor-Identifying Vendor Class [RFC3925]
125 V-I Vendor-Specific Information Vendor-Identifying Vendor-Specific Information [RFC3925]
126 Removed/Unassigned [RFC3679]
127 Removed/Unassigned [RFC3679]
128 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
128 Etherboot signature. 6 bytes: E4:45:74:68:00:00
128 DOCSIS "full security" server IP address
128 TFTP Server IP address (for IP Phone software load)
129 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
129 Kernel options. Variable length string
129 Call Server IP address
130 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
130 Ethernet interface. Variable length string.
130 Discrimination string (to identify vendor)
131 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
131 Remote statistics server IP address
132 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
132 IEEE 802.1Q VLAN ID
133 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
133 IEEE 802.1D/p Layer 2 Priority
134 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
134 Diffserv Code Point (DSCP) for VoIP signalling and media streams
135 PXE - undefined (vendor specific) [RFC4578]
135 HTTP Proxy for phone-specific applications
137 OPTION_V4_LOST [RFC5223]
138 OPTION_CAPWAP_AC_V4 N CAPWAP Access Controller addresses [RFC5417]
139 OPTION-IPv4_Address-MoS N a series of suboptions [RFC5678]
140 OPTION-IPv4_FQDN-MoS N a series of suboptions [RFC5678]
141 SIP UA Configuration Service Domains N List of domain names to search for SIP User Agent Configuration [RFC6011]
142 OPTION-IPv4_Address-ANDSF N ANDSF IPv4 Address Option for DHCPv4 [RFC6153]
143 OPTION_V4_SZTP_REDIRECT N This option provides a list of URIs for SZTP bootstrap servers [RFC8572]
144 GeoLoc 16 Geospatial Location with Uncertainty [RFC6225]
145 FORCERENEW_NONCE_CAPABLE 1 Forcerenew Nonce Capable [RFC6704]
146 RDNSS Selection N Information for selecting RDNSS [RFC6731]
147 OPTION_V4_DOTS_RI N The name of the peer DOTS agent. [RFC8973]
148 OPTION_V4_DOTS_ADDRESS N (the minimal length is 4) N/4 IPv4 addresses of peer DOTS agent(s). [RFC8973]
149 Unassigned [RFC3942]
150 TFTP server address [RFC5859]
150 Etherboot
150 GRUB configuration path name
151 status-code N+1 Status code and optional N byte text message describing status. [RFC6926]
152 base-time 4 Absolute time (seconds since Jan 1, 1970) message was sent. [RFC6926]
153 start-time-of-state 4 Number of seconds in the past when client entered current state. [RFC6926]
154 query-start-time 4 Absolute time (seconds since Jan 1, 1970) for beginning of query. [RFC6926]
155 query-end-time 4 Absolute time (seconds since Jan 1, 1970) for end of query. [RFC6926]
156 dhcp-state 1 State of IP address. [RFC6926]
157 data-source 1 Indicates information came from local or remote server. [RFC6926]
158 OPTION_V4_PCP_SERVER Variable; the minimum length is 5. Includes one or multiple lists of PCP server IP addresses; each list is treated as a separate PCP server. [RFC7291]
159 OPTION_V4_PORTPARAMS 4 This option is used to configure a set of ports bound to a shared IPv4 address. [RFC7618]
160 Unassigned Previously assigned by [RFC7710]; known to also be used by Polycom. [RFC7710][RFC8910]
161 OPTION_MUD_URL_V4 N (variable) Manufacturer Usage Descriptions [RFC8520]
162 OPTION_V4_DNR N Encrypted DNS Server [RFC-ietf-add-dnr-13]
163-174 Unassigned [RFC3942]
175 Etherboot (Tentatively Assigned - 2005-06-23)
176 IP Telephone (Tentatively Assigned - 2005-06-23)
177 Etherboot (Tentatively Assigned - 2005-06-23)
177 PacketCable and CableHome (replaced by 122)
178-207 Unassigned [RFC3942]
208 PXELINUX Magic 4 magic string = F1:00:74:7E [RFC5071][Deprecated]
209 Configuration File N Configuration file [RFC5071]
210 Path Prefix N Path Prefix Option [RFC5071]
211 Reboot Time 4 Reboot Time [RFC5071]
212 OPTION_6RD 18 + N OPTION_6RD with N/4 6rd BR addresses [RFC5969]
213 OPTION_V4_ACCESS_DOMAIN N Access Network Domain Name [RFC5986]
214-219 Unassigned
220 Subnet Allocation Option N Subnet Allocation Option [RFC6656]
221 Virtual Subnet Selection (VSS) Option [RFC6607]
222-223 Unassigned [RFC3942]
224-254 Reserved (Private Use)
255 End 0 None [RFC2132]

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